Amanda Thompson's practice is concerned with mapping the impact of a changing climate on Islands and communities in the UK. Her current work stems from research into the potential risks of rising sea levels on the Isles of Scilly, focusing on the possible and projected effects on landscapes, environments and communities in terms of vulnerability, risk, loss, division and displacement.Her practice is located within the area of site specificity, particularly in relation to geography, spatial practices, signs and codes. She is engaged in a number of different processes, including enamelling, photograms, painting and drawing, to both explore and extend ideas around an overarching concept of loss of the familiar.


Amanda Thompson
Photogram, letraset and indian ink

Perilous journeys of migration, division and displacement Nos 2 and 4
(part of a series of photograms exploring the fragility of species) Photogram, letraset and indian ink. 40 x 40cm